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If you are one of the many exceptional people who wants to bring joy back into the life of a traumatised child, this book is for you.

A book for foster parents, adoptive parents, kinship carers, children’s home staff, teachers and anyone involved with children in public care.
Available early 2021



Parenting other people’s children is a privilege

This new book ‘It’s a privilege’ sets out to challenge the established view that children in public care are ‘problem children’. Bringing emotional warmth parenting into the life of a child who has endured emotional coldness and trauma, will not only bring joy, fun and meaning into the child’s life, but can do the same (and much more) for the adults in the parenting role.
The eight ‘Pillars of Parenting’ are used to identify the child’s parenting needs then to prioritise parenting tasks in order to build and support the child’s psychological wellbeing. However, children need time and support to recover from emotional trauma, and the book provides insight into the impact of trauma, how this can lead to challenging behaviour and importantly, how to understand and respond helpfully. The book invites the reader to uncover their strengths and then to help the young person to find and use their strengths, skills and hidden talents.

What’s in the book?

Chapter 1 Vulnerable Children: Why?

The background: setting Emotional Warmth Parenting in context

Chapter 2 Parenting Power

The impact of parental rejection, understanding parenting style and the importance of play

Chapter 3 Parenting Maltreated Children

Using the eight Pillars of Parenting to identify priority parenting needs for a child

Chapter 4 Trauma-informed Parenting

Understanding and supporting children through emotional trauma

Chapter 5 Encouraging Positive and Self-managing Behaviour

Strategies to understand challenging behaviour and support self-management

Chapter 6 Parenting and Positive Psychology

Finding and using your own and the young person’s strengths

Chapter 7 Psychological Consultations

Support from an applied psychology consultant

Chapter 8 The Education Dimension

Enhancing the young person’s educational achievement

Chapter 9 Theory into Practice

How attitudes influence our work with children, changes and improvements, leadership and management, challenging the touch taboo, the voice of the child, and an outline of neurobiology

Chapter 10 Does it work?

Assessment, measurement and our peer-reviewed research

Chapter 11 You are the one!

Tips and pointers on adult-child bonding and looking after yourself.


The Emotional Warmth Parenting Story

‘We have written this book to create a shift from the current, problem-focused approach
to children in public care, to one which celebrates their lives as opportunities to show
our humanity, kindness and to discover their strengths.’


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