Ticking your boxes

To build quality into your service, choose from  our ‘Total Package’ to specialist psychological support. We offer training on the research and theory which underpins our approach plus many other services (see the ‘ticks’ below).

You may want an independent report on your current service, we offer a Broaden and Build ‘appreciative enquiry’ detailing what you do well, your strengths, areas for growth and suggestions for future development.

Perhaps you’d like an inspirational speaker on topics related to your work? From evidence based child care to leadership and management and looking after your carers!     

Rather than inspecting for quality, build quality into your service using The Pillars of Parenting!

Total Package

Everything you need to implement and use the Pillars of Parenting in your organisation.


Training to provide the 'emotional warmth' model to your service or workshops on topics which you choose.

Progress and Development checklist

Our online assessment provides insight into what work need to be done and enables checking progress against the baseline record.

Pillars of Parenting

A licence to use the Pillars of Parenting in your organisation which includes support.

Broaden & Build appreciative enquiry

An 'appreciative enquiry' report on what you do well, your strengths, areas for growth and suggestions for future development.

Trauma Awareness

Is your organisation 'trauma aware'? We offer training and assessment to enhance your trauma awareness.

Leadership and Management Workshop

Apply business insights to leading and managinging services for children in public care.

Training, supervision and support for the Psychologist Consultant(s)

Using your own psychologist? Maintain fidelity with support from our experienced Pillars of Parenting psychologist.


Join our two day summer conference prividing CPD for Psychologist Consultants.

Make your own package

Pick and choose which services from the Pillars of Parenting that you'd like.

introduction to the Emotional Warmth approach

Book a training day which explains the theory and research behind the approach with a live consultation.

Inspirational speaker

Book a cutting edge presentation on any topic relating to working with children and young people in public care.

Examples of services

The Total Pillars of Parenting Package

This is usually a two-year contract which covers training the carers and providing monthly consultations with a Pillars of Parenting psychologist. Alternatively you can use your own psycholigist accessing the approach but keeping your costs down.  

Workshops and Training

Workshops on any topic related to children in public care including The impact of Parental Rejection or Acceptance, understanding the importance of Belonging, Parenting Style and the Importance of Close Relationships (Attachment), Encouraging the Growth of Self-worth and Emotional Competence (recognising your own emotions and those of others).

online Progress and Development checklist

This is a user-friendly, online assessment carried out by the person in direct contact with the young person perhaps with the help of a colleague, social worker or your assigned psychologist. The result is a visual progress chart which builds up an ongoing picture of an individual’s adaptive emotional development, well-being and self-identity, self-efficacy and self-management, and personal and social responsibility. To maintain confidentiality, using this assessment, the manager of an organisation is given a set of eight-digit code numbers which include a cyclic redundancy check key, for authentication. These unique identifiers are then confidentially allocated to each young person by you, the user (all we have is the eight digit number). The code is used by the carer to send the assessment data to an independent collator. In return an anonymised report with the eight digit code is returned to the organisation  in the form of a coloured progress chart and report. This covers fifty five observations relating to eleven different practical areas in the young persons psychological health, to identify areas of progress and areas which need attention. 

What Our CUSTOMERS say

I am delighted that we have now managed to put POP (The Pillars of Parenting) firmly in to the fabric of our authority, as the care model we offer staff and carers to work with children. I continue to get feedback from staff about how POP has changed their working practices and perception of the children they care for and this is evidenced in the good and outstanding Ofsted ratings we have for our children’s homes.

Local Authority senior officer

I would actually say that the development of the residential estate in Hampshire and the Pillars of Parenting care model being adopted by the staff in the homes has been a highlight in my career. I now feel confident that children in our children’s homes receive the quality of care they deserve and need, recognising the trauma they have experienced. The care is also being delivered by people who feel confident in the way they care for children and demonstrate ambition for them.

Strategic Lead for Transformation - Children and Families, large County Council.

Without this form of support, I don’t think the teams could cope with the emotionally challenging events that they face. (26-02-18)

Head of Residential Care (Children and Families)

The Pillars of Parenting has enabled me as a carer to have more self-reflection on how I deal with my looked-after child and his behaviour due to his trauma and neglect and given me the confidence to work with other professionals with my new knowledge. I would highly recommend POP to all foster carers. Working with our own PoP psychologist and the workshops have been invaluable and sharing our experiences.

Ellie (Foster Parent)

This course has still made a massive positive change to my own practice. The knowledge base around the Pillars of Parenting ethos has enabled me to understand my children and YP’s behaviour and for myself to reflect on how I can support this in the most positive way.

Michelle (Foster Parent)

Connection with other Carers. Growth of knowledge. The passion with which the course is delivered gives us skills to parent these children.

Maggie (Foster Parent)

What Others report

The Howard League for Penal Reform

Ending the criminalisation of children in residential care Briefing one

New homes for Hampshire children
Hampshire County Council has knocked down three quarters of all its old children’s homes and replaced them with brand new properties designed with input from children. Children said they wanted a proper front door, a fireplace, ensuite bedrooms and for the offices to be outside the living part of the house. Alongside this financial investment, Hampshire adopted the Pillars of Parenting model which teaches staff to care about children rather than just caring for them. One manager described it as “corporate parenting with warmth”. Long-term staff feel that this has transformed their practice including their approach to calling the police.

 ADCS Alison O’Sullivan President 2015-16

Last week I called in to talk to staff at one of the local care homes in Kirklees, where I am the Director for Children and Young People Services.

This was a follow up visit to talk about the Pillars of Parenting approach which we are introducing into all children’s homes across the borough.

The approach offers the theoretical explanation that the often poor life outcomes of looked-after children and young people results from the impact of abuse, neglect and parental rejection, which has occurred before any contact with the care system. This is backed up by evidence from child psychology research.

Central to this way of working is the close guidance and support that staff receive in understanding the reasons why young people behave as they do. The approach considers the different interventions which can be used to support staff and the young person to reach improved outcomes.


OFSTED inspection of services for children in need of help and protection, children looked after and care leavers. July 2014.

There is a marked determination from those involved with the care of children to provide a nurturing environment for them to meet their emotional needs. For example, the use in the local authority’ children’s homes of a clear and consistent, research-based model of practice, the Pillars of Parenting, has contributed to some very positive outcomes for children who might otherwise not be able to remain where they are. This model enables the suitably trained staff to provide emotionally sensitive care to children and demonstrates strong multiagency working, for example psychologist, to develop and implement programmes of support for individual children.



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